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Jaha's Vision for an Even Better Cobb

Greater Access to Government

Your local government shouldn't be a private members-only club. Too often, residents and businesses find it hard to work with. From his time on Cobb's school board, Jaha understands what it means to be an accessible leader who listens. 

As an owner of both residential and commercial property in District 2, Jaha has navigated the zoning and permitting processes, experiencing firsthand how these could be even easier for residents to navigate. 

A Stronger Local Economy

Jaha has been an employer in Cobb for over 13 years at his pediatric dental practice in Vinings. He understands the unique challenges that small business owners face, and will bring that perspective to the board. 

He will work hard so that both new and existing businesses in our county can thrive, as well as ensure that they train and develop local talent. 

A Safe Cobb for Everyone, Everywhere

As a family man and business owner, Jaha knows that a local government's first job is keeping residents safe. He will ensure our first responders have what they deserve so that they can give us the support we need to make our community even better!

This will include working towards our first responders having needed funding, housing and resources such as behavioral health services so that they can thrive in the communities that they serve. 

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